Bradford & Airedale has implemented an End of Life Care register by developing a specific End of Life template within SystmOne. This will be used to record key information about people thought likely to be in their last year of life. In addition to structuring data entry, it ensures that key information is automatically presented in the record summary, making it clearly visible to emergency and out of hours services. The template also includes extensive support in the form of prognostic guidance; recording GSF meetings; mail merge documents (eg the regional DNACPR form); anticipatory drug prescribing; guidance on advance care planning; and patient information leaflets.


We hope that all professionals involved in end of life care will incorporate the template into their practice. To implement the template within your SystmOne unit, contact your system administrator or Paula Woodrow at the Data Quality Team, Douglas Mill,  Tel 0845 1115000 


Detailed guidance about using the End of Life template can be accessed here:


If your team would like training in how to use the template or around any aspects of end of life care, please contact the Managed Clinical Network. We would also welcome any constructive feedback or suggestions about how to improve the End of Life template.