Bradford Heart Failure Nurse Specialist Team

The Heart Failure Nurse Specialist (HFNS) Team sees patients with chronic heart failure who have had hospital admission with their condition, or who require support to prevent admission. Patients may be at any stage of what can be a debilitating condition, often with poor prognosis and unpredictable progression. The focus of care is on improving quality of life and helping people live with their condition, and its consequences.

The team consists of:

Rebecca Fogill  Heart Failure Nurse Specialist
City PCT
      Mob: 07944 608968

 Debbie Gibbon  Heart Failure Nurse Specialist
 South & West PCT   
      Mob: 0777 3355825

 Tecla Bogle  Heart Failure Nurse based in
 Bradford Hospital Trust
      Mob: 0777 9728601

 Fiona Smith
 North Bradford PCT
      Mob: 07932 966686

 Sarah Catesby     Clinical Psychologist

 Sheila Cooper      Clinical Psychologist

 Susan Sheridan    Heart Failure Dietician

The Clinical Nurse Lead for C.O.P.D. (North Bradford PCT area only) is
Robert Daw
Phone:   01274 322196
Mob:       0790 3241596

The service offers:
Advice and support for patients and family including self care and monitoring of condition
Multidisciplinary education in heart failure
Close liaison with local palliative care team and hospice
Close liaison with community healthcare and social services
Support and education programme for patients and relatives based at Marie Curie Hospice
Emotional support for patient and family
Advice on pharmacological and non-pharmacological management
Dietetic support
Psychology support

Who can be referred:
Referral criteria at present are:-
Patient living within one of the three PCT areas and registered with Bradford GP. This can be own home or nursing/residential home
Patient has had a hospital admission with heart failure (due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction as confirmed with echocardiogram or angiogram), or their condition is such that hospital admission may occur if increased support and monitoring not provided
Patient is not in the terminal stages of another life threatening condition
Patient wishes to have service

When to refer:
The ideal is that patients are referred as an inpatient as soon as heart failure diagnosis has been confirmed. This means they can be supported on the ward and early discharge follow up planned. However, patients may be referred by any member of the healthcare team and at any stage providing they meet the above criteria.

How we work:
If referred as an inpatient, the hospital based heart failure nurse will visit the patient on the ward and begin to give information and support, as well as ensuring patient is discharged on optimal heart failure treatment. Once discharged, the community based nurses aim to see the patient at home within a week, and then follow up with home visits according to individual patient needs. We work closely with community healthcare teams including practice staff and district nursing teams, in order to ensure ongoing support and monitoring for patients and their families.

How to refer:
As Inpatient:   Fax through referral form to Tecla Bogle on fax no: 01274 362545
Referral forms are kept in “Heart Failure” box file on each medical/elderly care ward
From Clinic/Community: Contact the relevant HFNS directly .