Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care
                   Wharfe Valley

The Clinical Nurse Specialist, Karen Sinclair, sees patients with active,  progressive, far-advanced disease for whom the focus of care is the quality of life and in whom the prognosis is limited (although sometimes this may be several months/years).  Such care includes consideration of the family’s needs before and after the patient’s death.

The service offers:
Advice on pain and symptom control
Assessment & rehabilitation within the context of their illness
To facilitate continued care at home
Emotional support for patient and family

Who can be referred:
Any patient with life threatening disease – e.g. cancer, MND, end-stage cardio-respiratory disease.

Who can refer:
Anyone can refer – e.g. the patient, family, carer, GP, DN.

When to refer:
Early referral is encouraged, enabling support mechanisms for the patient and family to be established.  However, patients can be seen at any stage, from the diagnosis to very advanced disease.

How we work:
New referrals are assessed by the Clinical Nurse Specialist and seen again at appropriate intervals. There is close liaison with the PHCT at all times and access to consultant support from the hospice as necessary.

How to refer:
Either by phone and/or the GP or hospital staff completing the palliative care referral form.

Out-of-hours advice is provided by the on-call consultant who can be contacted via Marie Curie Hospice Bradford – 01274 337000.

Karen is based at:
Springs Medical Centre
Springs Lane
Ilkley. LS29 8TH
Telephone / Fax:   01943 817957